Tantra massage greece

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tantra massage greece
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Tantra Massage is a beautiful way to share the very beneficial aspects of touch and energy exchange, and to bring restorative healing to your partner.
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5 Days Tantra Massage Yoga Retreat in Athens, Greece

Come and join us for an unforgettable experience on Leros Island where the magic of the Sea and the warmth of the Sun will be the setting of a truly transformative Yoga journey. Our daily classes, our meals freshly prepared with local ingredients, our evening Satsangs and unique excursions are tailored to bring you home to yourself and restore your natural health and balance in a stress-free, authentic environment. Soak in the gentle way of living of the locals, let the power of these ancient ruins and stunning views overwhelm you, pay attention.
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Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details. Address. Athens, Greece. Phone. + Email. info [at] medjutim.org Your Name (required) .
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Most of us in the west have grown. May , What stands in the way of my dreams of freedom or love? How do I prevent myself from experiencing ecstasy and intimacy? Have you ever thought of your life as a form of Art? On the Path of Sacred Sexuality is our signature event designed with everyone in mind! This session is organically created specifically to fit your needs.

Let softness and heat wrap you around in order to ressource yourself. Breath out to release the accumulated stress. Find the wellbeing and the pleasure of living T he tantric massage targets three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual, in order to find this feeling of unity which connects us with the divine.

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