How do u say dick in spanish

18 Hilarious Things Latinos Call Their Member

how do u say dick in spanish
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When no matter what somebody says, whether it be good or bad, it never feels wrong to throw in a claro or a couple of vale s whenever an opportunity presents itself.
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How do you say, "I want to suck your dick" in Spanish?

Translation of "you want my cock" in Spanish

Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor., These words could mean one thing in a certain country, but in others it's pretty vulgar.

When learning a foreign language Inevitably one of the first things we learns are the naughty words. Penis Banano — literally means banana and not is too vulgar Chile — not too vulgar Chorizo — pork sausage or penis Cojones — balls Garrote — club or big penis Guaba — vulgar Costa Rican word Huevos — literally eggs but also means balls testicles. Tener huevos means to have balls or guts like we say in English Leche — milk or semen Pene — is the polite term Picha — vulgar term used in Costa Rica Pinga — vulgar Pistol —means pistol or penis Pito — literally whistle and not too offensive Rosca —vulgar Costa Rican word Vena —vulgar Costa Rican term Verga — is a vulgar term. Vagina Arepa — a corn pancake used in Colombian and Venezuelan or vagina Bicho — used in Nicaragua Cachimba — used in Costa Rica and Nicaragua Concha — sea shell or vagina Endija —vulgar Costa Rican word Mico — vulgar Panocha or panocho — vulgar Papaya — not too vulgar Rendija — crack Vagina — same word in Spanish but pronounced differently Zanja — literally means a ditch. Butt Ano — anus Anillo — literally a ring but means anus in Costa Rica Chanchos — literally pigs but means buttocks in Costa Rica Culo — vulgar word Culantro — tico play on the word cilantro Gluteos — proper way to say buttocks Hueco del culo — anus in Costa Rican Spanish vulgar Nalgas — buttocks Trasero — rear end.


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