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Westworld’s Thandie Newton ‘wanted to cry’ after filming nude scenes

westworld nude
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Thandie Newton - Westworld Star Naked, Young Topless Ebony Girl - Besieged

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The first season of Westworld gave viewers an eyeful almost every episode, with characters stripping off left, right and centre. When hosts were reset or repaired, they were taken into a lab and sat on chairs, completely naked.
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Thandie Newton Got REALLY Honest About Male Nudity On "Westworld"

Thandie Newton said she was stunned by how the Westworld crew treated stars after nude scenes

And the actress revealed that the way in which she was treated by the crew during these scenes gave her pause for thought as she reflected on other nude scenes she has appeared in other productions. Thandie said she realised the care they displayed was at odds with past experiences, and made her question lesser treatment she had been subjected to. Thandie has recently confirmed she will be receiving equal pay for the third season of the hit show.

Why Shooting 'Westworld' Nude Scenes Empowered Thandie Newton

Moments later, a bewildered Sizemore stands before Maeve wearing nothing but dress socks and boxer briefs. The camera lingers for an uncomfortable moment. It felt forced and unnecessary The year-old star, with more than 40 combined film and television credits over her plus-year career in Hollywood, told the story of a director who once gave her a false promise to shoot a frame above her bare breasts.

HBO shows are known for their nudity and violence, but it isn't always just to entice viewers. Unlike Game of Thrones, the nudity in Westworld is of great importance to the story, and without it what happens to the Hosts wouldn't be as horrifying. That said, it's still an important decision for any actor to appear nude on screen, especially when it's as often as Thandie Newton's character Maeve, who - along with Rachel Wood's Dolores - probably has the most nude scenes out of everyone on the show. I asked the star why it was so important to her to appear nude in those scenes when we spoke about the Westworld season 2 :. So my nudity, I think was an opportunity to remind the audience that a body is sacred, and a body can be in pain if you cut it and it bleeds. It was dance really, it was mime.

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