Gang starr battle

Gangstarr (gang Starr) - Battle lyrics

gang starr battle
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This song is by Gang Starr and appears on the movie soundtrack 8 Mile Lyrics licensed by LyricFind. Sign In Don't have an account?
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I used to guzzle 40's, and own a beat up Caddy Since the hood still love me, I'll turn the heat up daddy I went from mackin fly honies on the train To straight relaxin on the beach, countin money gettin brain Soon as you rappers get a chance you wanna floss a lot You buy a iced out watch because it cost a lot Then you in the club, stylin with dough Profilin with hoes that we boned, a while ago You rookies haven't done enough laps around the track You had one hot single, but then your album sounds wack Son you bore me with your war stories You ain't even do that shit, so that's just more stories How you expect us to take you seriously? The look in my eye punk, has got you scared of me I'm blastin your sons, I'm snatchin your funds You catch a royal ass-whoopin, you've been askin for one.

Johnson or The 45 King helping out, their earliest recordings were in where they made various demos. In , the group split and the only member willing to continue under the name was Guru. Nice Guy The London -based label offered Guru and Premier unlimited artistic license and major-label distribution worldwide, a platform the group used to become one of the most influential hip hop acts of that decade. The entire Gang Starr catalog, especially Step in the Arena , Daily Operation , Hard to Earn and Moment of Truth are well respected among underground rap fans and critics. Gang Starr provided a track, Battle , for the sound track of the movie 8 Mile.

What you wanna battle me? Yo man, how much money you got?

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  1. Rapper Keith "Guru" Elam, best known as the former frontman of the group Gang Starr, died after a long bout with cancer on April 19, leaving behind a letter to his fans and prompting an outpouring of love on the web.

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