Pusy galore

Pussy Galore

pusy galore
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pussy galore

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James Bond: Pussy Galore returns in new novel

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Bond girl names don't get more suggestive than this one. But despite her crude-sounding name, Pussy Galore is a character more complex than the villain who gives the film its name.
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Pussy Galore


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Jon Spencer typed the original press release for Pussy Galore's album Dial M For Motherfucker calling it "the record that broke up the band". Included in the liner notes for a reissue in , Spencer posed the following rhetorical question: "What's up with this new 'high-tech, can-do', accessible Pussy Galore? Accessible my ass!

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  1. Pussy Galore is a fictional character in the Ian Fleming James Bond novel Goldfinger and the film of the same name. In the film, she is played by.

  2. “PUSSY GALORE” TRADE MARK | Reports of Patent, Design and Trade Mark Cases | Oxford Academic

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