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Asian Jake Paul

idubbbz content cop
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Content Cop (Idubbbztv Meme)

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts., Tana Mongeau has had a terrible couple of weeks, and now it looks like it's only getting worse.

The song was written by the two and was produced by Kustom Beats.
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The Content Content Cop with iDubbbz

"Asian Jake Paul" is a song by American YouTube personality iDubbbz featuring British It is a diss track aimed at fellow YouTube personality RiceGum, who was the subject of an episode of iDubbbz's viral "Content Cop" series. The single.
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The notorious Ian Carter has been blessing the Youtube community for almost 6 years. If you haven't heard of iDubbbz or at least seen memes of him, you best believe your sweet bippy you'll know him when you're done reading this article. This goes for curse words, racial slurs, and other offensive terms.

Content Cop is a series created by IDubbbzTV who criticizes a YouTuber's content or a genre of the content as well as their behavior online. There is no schedule to Content Cop, but with every new episode, it sparks controversy towards the individual iDubbbz targets. Normally, after a Content Cop video is released on this YouTuber, the creator loses a significant chunk amount of subscribers and their dislike ratio increases.

In Tana's original video , she describes what happened when an unknown fan paid a large amount of money to come to her meet and greet to "physically" and verbally threaten Tana with the "n-word". After uploading the video, fans quickly realised that the unknown fan in question was in fact iDubbbzTV, a YouTuber Tana had previously threatened to "kill himself" on Twitter months before. The video has had almost 6 million views in just one day, as both Ian's and Tana's fandoms hurried to see what he had to say and show about their brief time spent together. The video brings together his exhaustive collection of footage showing Tana to be crying on live streams for being attacked in addition to wishing incredibly harmful things to happen to Ian, such as him "breaking both his legs" and "losing all his YouTube subscribers". However, the most talked about element of Ian's video is the footage of his meeting with Tana, and how it highlights some of her previous depictions of his assault to be hyperbolised. The unedited footage of the "Tana-encounter" can be seen on his second channel, proving that none of these things actually happened.

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  1. iDubbbz in his "Content Cop" uniform. Content Cop is a series created by IDubbbzTV who criticizes a YouTuber's content or a genre of the.

  2. Ian Carter (born July 27, ), better known online as iDubbbz, is an American YouTube Career. Carter's Content Cop series highlights other YouTube channels, critiquing their content as well as their owner's behavior on social media.

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