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Searching for the Good Life in the Bakken Oil Fields

fuck oil by dusty
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A seven-year oil boom in North Dakota has drawn thousands of investors, laborers, and fortune-seekers., At one time, that was standard auto advice.

At the end of the last dirt road in Thayet, Maung Ko Oo, 25, is standing thigh-deep in a pit of crude oil, his longyi tied up high around his waist, a sweaty vein of black tar streaked across his forehead. His boss ó a round-faced man sporting a baseball cap and ruby ring ó is standing over him, shouting out orders to the half-dressed men relaying oil-filled buckets to the huge barrels lining their station. As the early afternoon sun arcs high over these dusty hills in central Burma, the men climb atop the barrels and pour in the oil bucket by bucket, then roll the filled barrels up a ridge and into the back of a truck. He waves his hands to take in the barren earth stilettoed with oil-blackened drills and bares a toothy grin. Now I get barrels a day. It's easy! Such easy money.

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