Salieri series

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salieri series
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Antonio Salieri

One of the earliest operatic versions of Shakespeare's play, Salieri's Falstaff is notable for a general compression and streamlining of the original plot, note the absence of the two young lovers, Fenton and Anne, and the addition of a scene in which Mistress Ford pretends to be German to charm Falstaff actually two such scenes exist, one in a separate score by Salieri was probably omitted from the original Viennese productions., Sign in.

He was born in Legnago , south of Verona , in the Republic of Venice , and spent his adult life and career as a subject of the Habsburg Monarchy., He asked Mosel to record the events of his life after his passing and to that end Salieri spent his twilight years gathering together as much material as possible.

Mozart, forgive your assassin! No reputable Mozart scholar believes that Salieri poisoned him; yet through the success of the multi-award-winning movie, an entire generation has grown up believing that Salieri was a mediocrity who murdered a genius out of some gigantic fit of creative jealousy. During his lifetime Salieri was a composer performed and admired throughout the continent. If either of the two had a reason for jealousy, it would surely have been Mozart, who in his adult years achieved neither the fame nor the consistent success of his older rival. In addition, Salieri worked in the best venues abroad; he was commissioned to write the opera that opened La Scala, Milan, in , and composed three prestigious works for Paris two of them major successes. Salieri and his music both travelled far.


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