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short film nude
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Felicity Palmateer Discusses Her Controversial Nude Surfing Film Skin Deep

Felicity Palmateer, going left in her birthday suit. Photo: Chris White. Felicity Palmateer considers herself an artist.

Sign in. See the list. A musical short film about living life to the fullest.
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From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Nudity in film.

NoBudge is a platform for low-budget and no-budget indie filmmakers, one of the best places to discover new short films and feature films online. Anderson is most notable for its absence of sound — an on-screen note informs before the film begins: all recorded dialogue was lost after shooting read more here. The long stretches of silence there are captions , as it turns out, create an intriguing, haunting even, effect. After work, she spends time with Evelyn and their friendship is turning into something more. Coming to terms with the evolving relationship, she becomes fixated on a vivid dream she recently had which overlaps with a tradition in Argentina: after graduating from school, students take part in an an elaborate ceremony of body painting. Without sound, it invites viewers to observe the frame in a different way. Director, Producer, Editor: Mitch F.

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