Film eros luisa ranieri


film eros luisa ranieri
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Luisa Ranieri

Wong Kar Wai's bluntly titled "The Hand" and set in his recurring milieu of early '60s Hong Kong, follows Zhang Chang Chen , a humble tailor's apprentice, over his years-long infatuation with a beautiful socialite-turned-prostitute, Miss Hua Gong Li. Kar Wai's treatment is aesthetically fussy, in keeping with his well-known style, but dramatically bland. There simply isn't much at stake here as the timorous Zhang must be content with the, ahem, hand jobs see title he receives all too rarely from the object of his infatuation.

Wong, most recently with "In the Mood for Love" and the forthcoming "," confects lavish, gorgeous tableaus of yearning. He has become one of contemporary cinema's great sensualists. Soderbergh, director of one of the best-known movies with the word sex in the title "sex, lies and videotape" , has a more detached, analytical sensibility, but like Mr. Wong he often approaches the act of filmmaking itself with palpable ardor. And then there is Mr.

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