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In Kick-Ass, an year-old girl calls a roomful of grown-ups "cunts". And nobody gives a damn. The film has managed to evoke a half-hearted whimper from the Mail, while the Australian Family Association has deemed its language "offensive".
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T here's a key scene at the beginning of this month's lacklustre superhero sequel Kick-Ass 2 in which Hit-Girl, the film's deadly teenage heroine, protests against a household swear jar recently installed by her legal guardian. It's a knowing callback to the first Kick-Ass, in which the same character then just 11 years old famously addressed a gang of villainous henchmen with a word borrowed from the vocabularies of Derek and Clive. With that in mind, the remainder of KA2 plays out as a tedious slog towards the inevitable reprise, which dutifully arrives in the film's final moments.
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11 best uses of the C-word in movie history

Indeed, a single use of the word over here in the UK guarantees a 15 rating from the BBFC and, in most cases, anything more than a single use rockets a film straight up to the adults-only 18 certificate. The intruder ultimately turns out to be Monty himself, leading Withnail to let fly with a particularly choice insult. Edgar Wright allows himself a smattering of C-bombs in all three of his Cornetto movies.
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Believed to have been filmed in June , the DVD shows twelve boys - all aged under 18 - making chlorine bombs , harassing a homeless man, throwing eggs at taxi drivers, participating in fights at local parties, and also shows media coverage of incidents that they claim to have been involved in. - Yorgos Lanthimos shares The Favourite with us.



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  1. Reflecting different national usages , cunt is described as a "usually disparaging and obscene" term for a woman [1] or an "offensive way to refer to a woman" in the United States [2] by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, but "an unpleasant or stupid person" in the Compact Oxford English Dictionary , and "a contemptible person" [3] in the Macquarie Dictionary of Australian English.

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