Film manuale d amore 3 streaming

Manuale d'amore 3

film manuale d amore 3 streaming
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Manuale d'Amore

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Manual of Love 3: Ages of Love (Manuale dam3re)


The Ages of Love Italian : Manuale d'amore 3 , also known as Manual of Love 3 is a Italian romantic comedy film consisting of three segments. It was directed by Giovanni Veronesi , and it is a sequel of Manuale d'amore and Manuale d'amore 2 Capitoli successivi The film is composed of three episodes, connected through a young taxi driver who plays Cupid. Each episode is following a different couple:. In the first story, Roberto is a lawyer sent to a rural town in Tuscany to convince a family of old farmers to sell their land. They are reluctant to accept the offer, so Roberto stays for a few days. He spends his time in a company of locals, where he meets Micol, a beautiful young woman who flirts with him.

Trailer di Manuale d'amore 3 con Robert De Niro e Carlo Verdone Manuale d'amore 3 data di uscita: 25 febbraio Dopo le critiche a Robert De Niro sulla discussa partecipazione , vi mostriamo il trailer di Manuale d'amore 3 di Giovanni Veronesi, terza pellicola della serie a episodi con Carlo Verdone e Riccardo Scamarcio in uscita il 25 febbraio , prodotta dalla Filmauro di Aurelio De Laurentiis. Postato da Lo Staff. XDDD nicole. Grazie mille per il tuo commento! Mi piace tantissimo il tuo blog, diverso dagli altri!

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