A serbian film scene

A Serbian Film (2010)

a serbian film scene
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A Serbian Film (2010)

A controversial film that pivots around a scene of self-styled "newborn porn" has been pulled from the schedule of London's FrightFest film festival after Westminster council ruled it could not be shown in its uncut version., The Serbian language drama, subtitled in English, tells the story of a retired Serbian porn star, Milos, who is tempted to make one final film by an offer of money from a mysterious director.

Movie review A Serbian Film

People who watched the movie or have heard of it are immediately turned off by its gore scenes and images.
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In Belgrade, Milos is a porn film actor who has retired to settle down with his wife Marija and young son Petra. He receives an offer via a former colleague to meet with the mysterious Vukmir who offers a substantial amount of money for Milos to make another film. Vukmir will not give any indication of what the film requires, other than to call it art. This makes Milos feel uneasy but he is tempted by the money and signs up. As filming gets underway, Milos is pushed into increasingly more disturbed acts such as performing in front of children and having sex with a woman as she is beaten.

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