Un film de cul

Cul de Sac Interview

un film de cul
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A Raid on Nothing: Genre and Polanski’s Cul-de-sac

Lina aujourd'hui veut explorer une nouveaute son cul. Elle a peur alors on va lui expliquer comment ca va se passe et comment va etre le moment de lui baisse.
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The following are excerpts from an incredibly long interview given by guitarist Glenn Jones to some Italian magazine. Comments by Chris Fujiwara and A. Hamrah are in boldface and identified by "C. When did Cul de Sac start? How are melded far off musical experiences to create your original sound? Glenn: Cul de Sac was born one day when the sun didn't shine. Robin Amos The Girls, Shut-Up planned a one-off, farewell show prior to his leaving the Boston area for the west coast, and asked Chris and I to back him up.

Sometimes I get the idea that Chicago is trapped in a time warp, and that is why we get European films a year after their New York openings. The Town Underground has been helping the situation recently with a series of first-run films by such as Tony Richardson , Jules Dassin and Resnais. The trouble is, some of the runs have been so short the secret didn't leak out that they were even in town. The current offering, which crept into town under cover of Christmas and will doubtless creep out again in a day or two, is Roman Polanski's "Cul-de-Sac.

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