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Hitman (2007 movie)

hitman film wiki

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Hitman is a French-American action thriller film directed by Xavier Gens and based on the Hitman video game series. A gun-for-hire, Agent 47 is a genetically-engineered assassin.
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Film Review: ‘Cold Blood’

The wheelchair-bound ex-director recounts how his agency tracked 47 over a two-year period. The game also marks 47's arrival to the United States.

Hitman: Blood Money

A young girl, Bird, with her aunt's boyfriend waiting at the car, visits the grave of her parents on the anniversary of their deaths, witnesses and photographs a hitman, Sade, killing people attending a funeral. When her aunt's boyfriend, Roger, comes looking for her, Sade kills him and tries to kill her too, but she flees into the woods. Bird comes across the house of a war veteran, Carter, who vows to protect her.
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It turns out we get neither of those, just a bland and forgettable B-movie that came and went quickly in France last May and looks to do the same upon its day-and-date release in the U. He still represents added value, especially when livening up supporting roles. More Reviews. His character does know how to field dress a deer and perform minor surgery, though, both of which will come in handy after a young woman crashes her snowmobile near his cabin. With civilization 70 miles away, Henry is compelled to carry her inside, remove large splinters of wood from her leg and nurse her back to health.

Timothy David Olyphant born 20 May is an American actor who portrayed Agent 47 in the first film entry of the Hitman series, Hitman Olyphant began competitive swimming at age 6, and started training seriously in the seventh grade under coach Darrell Lohrke, who came to Modesto via Arden Hills Swimming and Tennis Club. Olyphant made remarkable strides and soon became a nationally ranked swimmer. He graduated from Modesto's Fred C.

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