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The most salacious film to date from Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-liang, The Wayward Cloud begins with a couple doing strange things to a watermelon and it just gets stranger from there, says Tim Robey. W here to start with Tsai Ming-liang, one of the most singular film-makers alive? The masochistic option would be diving right in at the deep end with Stray Dogs , his famously taxing Venice competition entry from , which features minute static shots of wordless contemplation and disquiet, and an inconsolable man smothering then eating a surrogate-mother doll formed out of a cabbage.

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From its opening sequence, the film is a castration fantasy that conducts a running critique of the titillation it is marketing., Sign in.

By Jonathan Romney on August 12, Of late, Western audiences may have formed the impression that Japanese cinema has become somewhat tame. The most prominent titles on the recent U.

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