Palle in canna film

palle in canna

palle in canna film

Gli infila le palle su per il culo e lei gode come una troia

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Palle in canna!

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Palle in canna!

Steven Seagal Action Movie - Hollywood Thriller Action Movies - Duration: Welcome to Earth - Short Sci-fi Film | The Netherlands ().
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palle in canna

Director Nicky Ranieri an alias for Magdalena Lynn probably doesn't care much for the subgenres in which she shoots her porn movies, but fact of the matter is that, after Cacciatori di Taglie this is her second spaghetti western. Be that as it may, what we have here is a very unimaginitive porn flick. Things start out well enough with Laura Angel in a spicy stagecoach scene, but soon I found out that La carovana della violenza has little more to offer than the exact buildup to any following sex scene; a pistolero of sorts holds a woman at gunpoint, after which she is forced to perform some fellatio and allow access to her other two holes as well. I wouldn't call them rape scenes, but they're not volantary either. As if things aren't bad enough already, some of the women get robbed in the process.

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