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hantai fr
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The large-scale retrospective surveys the key aspects and periods within the oeuvre of the internationally renowned artist of Hungarian origin, from his early paintings executed in Hungary, through to his final works. - Recorded at Doopsgezinde Kerk, Haarlem, Netherlands.

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Simon Hantai was a Hungarian-born French abstract painter best-known for developing his technique of pliage folding. Hantai was temporarily blind at age 8, an experience that later influenced his unconventional artistic methods. Later he moved to France with his wife in In August, they spent ten days in Venice in the company of old and new friends during the 24th Biennial, where they took the opportunity to immerse themselves in the best of contemporary European art. Enveloped in post-war France, Hantai further pursued his interests in avant-garde art and set out to reinvent painting.

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