Colette swingers

New Orleans

colette swingers
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I Married The Owner Of A Swingers Club

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I asked John and Jackie if they would be kind enough to write a Guest-post here for my blog not only on the subject of the Open-Swinger Lifestyle, BUT the significance or importance of the single male within the lifestyle. This is what Jackie had to say.
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What does a traditionally raised Midwest girl have in common with a swinger? More than you would think

I was nervous attending colette even though my new boyfriend John was the owner of the club. The first time John suggested I visit the club, I immediately began to sweat. What was I getting myself into? I just knew I was going to attend the club and have to go through some sort of initiation. I would be surrounded by sex fiends and shady characters. Sex would be going on all around me. I had myself convinced that if I attended a club, it would be as if I had been dropped straight into a porn movie.


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