Pinky scene next friday

Saturday Clip Flick Of The Week: Next Friday - Say It Again (Pinky's Scene)

pinky scene next friday
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Pinky's arrival on Next Friday. "Looky here, baby You're hittin' them cornaz too goddamn fast. You need to slow this muthafucka down. Ya understand? I alm.
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Pinky and the Brain , animated series after being spun-off from its role as a segment in the Animaniacs series. Pinky and Brain both live in a cage in the Acme labs.

Next Friday (2000) - Say it again (Pinky's Scene)


He is also a major character in Wakko's Wish. Pinky is a lab mouse with a open-minded personality, and he is the sidekick of Brain , who often said random nonsense words. Brain often claims Pinky to be the main failure of his plans, although in actuality these failures were sometimes not Pinky's fault.

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  1. movie Next Friday. Pinky from the movie Next Friday Friday Movie Quotes, Friday Humor, Funny As Hell Next Friday () - Say it again (Pinky's Scene ).

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